About Us

Hello and welcome to Healthy Life Tea! My name is Susan Christensen, and you are not here by accident. Please take a few minutes to look around and find the answers you seek.
As a practicing health care professional, it is genuinely exciting to see the difference this detox tea can make. I love sharing the tea with my health care clients and combining my two healing passions! 

We as a family have been drinking this magnificent tea since January of 2008, and strange as it may sound, I can’t imagine a day without it. My body, like most bodies, just functions better with a glass of Healthy Life Tea.
 I have watched as friends and family have lived healthier, happier lives as they have detoxed illness, chemicals, and parasites. Even my skeptical engineering husband enjoys the benefits of his daily glass of tea.
You might be here looking for help with something specific, like weight loss, diabetes, acid reflux, constipation, allergies, or fibromyalgia. Or you might just be exploring the many benefits of detoxing.
Whatever your intention, I know you are drawn here for a specific reason and I urge you to give this cleansing tea a try to see what it can do for you. Can a tea change your life? It has for many thousands of others, and it can for you too!
Sound too easy? It is interesting to note in over 25 years of sharing this product, there have never been any kind of medical or legal problems. It’s simply an outstanding, world-class product that is formulated, manufactured and distributed by wonderful, ethical people, all in the USA.  

It’s easy for me to be passionate about our wonderful detox tea because I have witnessed first-hand what it can do. Give it a try and you will see for yourself. With my money-back guarantee, what have you got to lose besides toxins and unwanted health issues? Click here now to order your tea.