What is Healthy Life Tea?

Healthy Life Tea is a caffeine free, herbal, organic detox tea. It has been loved by all ages for over 35 years. This powerful combination of USA-grown herbs will help you feel noticeably better by gently cleaning your organs and systems, encouraging them to slough off toxins and unhealthy residue due to illness or improper functioning.

Why should I try it?

Our bodies would like to heal themselves. By cleansing our organs and systems of built-up toxins, parasites, fecal material and chemicals, we are creating a pure digestive environment for our bodies to function more effectively. Healthy Life Tea promotes proper bile flow, which aids digestion and better health. You’ll feel cleaner, lighter, energetic, more alive.

Real People... Real Results

Our HLT customers share experiences of how their lives have been changed by simply drinking this detox tea.

8 Ways to Digestive Health

Some you are familiar with, some might surprise you. What don’t you know about your digestion?

Check out our Ingredients

What has made this tea so special? Organic herbs that are synergistically blended to create a powerfully gentle cleanse.

Watch this video to find out how our organic detox tea will help you feel better.

An Easy Lifestyle to Maintain

Because HLT is synergistically formulated for continual daily use, there is no need for harsh cleanses. This tea was created to be easy on your body and to help the cleansing and healing process. Your organs and systems detox in such a way that continued use keeps the body healthier at a maintenance level. Instead of dramatic 14- or 21-day cleanses that put the body in a state of stress, HLT is the simple way to keep the body in a state of continued gentle cleansing. With promoted colon and digestive function, and increased bile flow to aid the improvement of your health environment, your body, organs and systems will be more able to do what they were designed to do. By choosing to drink Healthy Life Tea on a daily basis, you will be aiding your body’s ability to function properly.


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Help with Digestion, Constipation and Weightloss

My masseuse suggested I add the tea as she knew it would help my digestion and aid my weight loss effort.
In preparation for my 65th birthday I lost 65 lbs in a year on a restricted calorie regimen including 1/3 cup of Healthy Life tea twice a day.
Today was my first Medicare physical and all fasting lab results were remarkably better than last year’s. In fact, my glucose fasting was so low that my doc said, “You will never have diabetes in your lifetime.”
Once I ran out and was so miserably constipated that I have been delighted to be on the one month autoship program.(Maybe TMI but using the tea bag applied topically for hemorrhoid pain relief really works!)

Linda , TX

Linda , TX

I felt so much better. I had more energy!

I began drinking HLT about 2 years ago at the recommendation of my massage therapist. I had struggled for years with IBS/constipation. The first couple weeks of drinking my daily intake of tea had me spending a lot of time in the bathroom! I experienced stomach cramping and bouts of diarrhea but my system eventually settled down. I began having a bowel movement nearly every morning. This was a huge improvement over my normal going only once or twice a week! I felt so much better. I had more energy. My stomach wasn’t swollen and uncomfortable. I really can’t imagine my life without HLT now. I highly recommend you give it a try. Digestion issues are not pleasant to talk about, but I freely share the difference HLT has made in my life with all my friends and family.

Laura. TX

Laura. TX

Tea in -- Toxins out!

After drinking my tea for a few days I had a gentle but thorough cleansing. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my body. I had renewed energy, mental clarity, and less pain and stiffness. I felt like a new person. I knew that I had cleaned my colon of toxins and was ready to tackle life again. It was amazing! Whenever I feel this tea is cleansing it my body, gently. It is my”tea in –toxins out!” mantra for my liver and colon. I have had fewer days of sickness since I have been drinking this tea. I have continued on Healthy Life Tea ever since. I thank Susan, the tea lady, for the blessing she is to me and my health.

Kathleen, MI

Kathleen, MI

It Couldn’t Be Easier!

“Prior to finding Healthy Life Tea, I spent a lifetime of bloating and trouble with constipation, but since using HLT, all of those days are behind me. I now have a healthy intestinal tract and feel much better for it. Gone is the lower intestinal distress of yesteryear. I am truly grateful for this and am so happy that I am a regular tea user. I just steep a batch and mix it with my regular beverage. It couldn’t be easier.”

Barb, Stratham, NH

Barb, Stratham, NH

Stomach Pain Gone

“I have been diagnosed Crohn’s. I have found that Healthy Life Tea has made a dramatic difference in how I feel. My stomach pains are greatly reduced and I am able to function at a normal level. My son, who is 4, also loves drinking his tea as it makes his tummy feel better and his bowels function regularly and easily. We won’t be without our “magic” tea in our home”

Jess, Dallas, TX

Jess, Dallas, TX

What can Healthy Life Tea help me with?

detox-cleanse Constipation and irregularity, safe for all ages–babies through seniors

detox-cleanse Parasites

detox-cleanse Bloating and swelling

detox-cleanse Digestion and absorption of nutrients

detox-cleanse Increased energy

detox-cleanse Mental clarity and memory

detox-cleanse Allergies and hay fever relief

detox-cleanse Removal of pharmaceutical or recreational drug residues and heavy metals

detox-cleanse Cleansing of colon, kidneys and liver

detox-cleanse Detoxification of chemicals created by parasites, fungi, yeast, and bad bacteria

detox-cleanse Removal of toxins from the blood, organs and digestive system

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