Each organic bar of Aurora Soap contains consecrated oils, plus blessed Dead Sea and/or Himalayan salt to dissolve and bless the remnants of your day. Aurora Soap enhances and strengthens the aura and purifies all energetic connections.

Created by complimentary medicine practitioners for their own use and for their clients; Aurora Soap has also been found to be beneficial for all to use in their daily lives. It will enhance mental, physical, and spiritual cleanliness.

Use Aurora Soap as you would any hand and body soap and experience the change. Consistent use amplifies the effects.This hand-crafted soap is made with organic coconut oil and organic olive oil and formulated to gently clean and moisturize your skin in addition to the innumerable energetic benefits.

Keep a bar in the shower for daily use. Have a bar in the kitchen and bathroom for hand washing. Your hands and arms will be physically energetically cleaned and healed.

Three rejuvenating options available!

Lavender’s Yin energy is the color violet. It deeply penetrates and energetically cleans the natural environment both emotionally and physically. Aurora’s Lavender Soap will help with mental clarity; it purifies emotional cords and attachments. Lavender essential oil heightens the auric field, creating a denser and more exuberant auric field.

Tea Tree’s Yang energy is the color green. It purifies stressors and environmentally charged energies. Aurora’s Tea Tree Soap will ground, strengthen, and clear thought-forms in your auric field. This awe inspiring soap will purify emotional cords and attachments.

Hemp Sage soap is of yang energies so great for spiritualist and males. The healing colors of hemp soap are pink, green and violet but on the esoteric fields a slight light peach. The Himalayan sea salt creates a calm compassionate energy in the aura without the yen energies. This soap generates a strengthened aura, calm energies in the auric fields and creates a light barrier to the thoughts of others.

Lavender Soap
Violet / Yin Energy
Cleansing / Shielding

Tea Tree Soap
Green / Yang Energy
Cleansing / Cut Cords

Hemp Sage Soap
Pink / Green / Violet / Yang Energy
Auric Strengthening / Spiritual Cleansing / Shielding

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