Introduction to Home Remedies for Constipation

We are now going to discuss home remedies for constipation as chronic constipation affects around 63 million people in North America on a regular, or should I say irregular basis, and these figures increase massively to around 80% of the population, when dealing with acute constipation cases. With it being such a common problem for people in the western world and one that can make life quite uncomfortable, it’s no wonder people are turning to home remedies for constipation, especially when the chemical alternatives on offer by Big Pharma are often addictive and toxic like so many of the other man-made drugs doctors seem so willing to prescribe to us nowadays.

Constipation Symptoms

Constipation can come in many shapes and sizes, often it just means infrequent and irregular stools, common constipation symptoms are generally hard stools, trouble passing them, the feeling of not getting it all out, this can often be accompanied by pain, discomfort and bloatedness and

psychologically can leave people feeling like they are unhealthy or even causing toxic poisoning to themselves. Clinically if you go less than 3 times per week you are constipated, in severe cases the constipation symptoms would include going less than once per week. These would all be cases of long term or chronic constipation and in these cases it is a good idea to seek out effective and natural home remedies for constipation relief.