Tea In, Toxins out” Customer Kathleen’s Mantra
The body is a self-repairing system; given the right environment to heal, the body heals itself.
The colon is the clearing house for the blood. In order for blood to do its job optimally, the colon must be clean, healthy, and working to keep the body, its organs, glands, and other systems operating at an optimal level.
The tea starts by cleansing the colon. As it does so, any fecal material which is stuck to the colon walls will be released into the colon, and then flushed out of the system. As the colon’s ability to function increases, the other organs in your system are detoxed and cleansed. Your liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas, lungs and other organs will in turn flush out unwanted toxins, residues of old prescriptions, illnesses, and parasites, leaving the organs of the body able to heal and perform at a higher level.
Toxins slow down the flow of bile as it is produced in the liver and flows through biliary ducts in the liver into the gallbladder. HLT flushes those toxins out, which allows the bile to do its job of neutralizing stomach acidity more easily from the beginning of the digestive process.  In turn, there is healthy functioning, no burning, and regular, easy elimination.  The continuing benefit is absorption of nutrients and a healthy, clean  environment where parasites and infections cannot flourish.
With the organs functioning properly, the entire body is energized and in a state where it has the ability, the healing environment, to heal itself.